Extension’s Behavioral Health program promotes positive mental health by teaching skills to manage stress more effectively, practice self-care and reduce risky substance use by youth and adults. We also build community skills, tools and resources to promote health.

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Current Crises’ Impacts on Youth Mental Health

Youth mental health has been a growing concern in Wisconsin and beyond for some time. The pandemic and resulting changes to people’s lives are a new factor in youth mental health. This eleven-page research document examines youth mental health and makes recommendations for how to address youth mental health resulting from COVID and racial injustice.

E-Cigarettes & Vaping

Feel better informed and equipped to help young people understand the dangers of e-cigarettes and overcome the temptation and effects of vaping. How to support young people who want to quit vaping How parents can help Alternatives to discipline in schools Prevention education programs for schools Student Vaping Trends in Wisconsin

Supporting You(th) | Apoye a los jóvenes | Txhawb cov Tub Ntxhais Hluas

Supporting youth and their mental health needs have been a growing concern for some time, and the pandemic only amplified the already staggering needs of youth struggling to cope. Rates of anxiety, depression, and self-harm reported by young people have been increasing, and only one in four Wisconsin youth report that they receive the help […]

Resilient Communities through Behavioral Health

Everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive in Wisconsin. And to thrive, we need to be healthy and safe in our communities. The conditions of the places where we live, learn, work and play, influence overall health and impact the behavioral health of communities. Communities can prioritize behavioral health, which includes mental health and substance use […]

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