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Maternal & Child Health Title V Adolescent Well-Being Technical Assistance

Extension is partnering with the WI Department of Health Services Maternal and Child Health Program to provide technical assistance to local and tribal health departments on adolescent well-being.

Presence in Local Counties

Learn about local and Tribal health departments focused on adolescent well-being and the UW-Madison Division of Extension presence in those areas:



Learning Community Call Recordings

Links & Resources

Youth Wellness Team

Extension’s Health & Well-Being Institute is collaborating with PATCH Youth Advocates to serve on Health & Well-Being’s Youth Wellness Team. During this time the Youth Advocates for Community Health Framework will be utilized to build on youth-led community action for health. 

The main objective of this collaboration is to authentically engage young people from around the state and enhance the capacity of Health & Well-Being and Local & Tribal Health Department’s (LTHD) involved in MCH Adolescent Well-Being work to promote health as a shared value and catalyze policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) changes that promote health equity. The Youth Wellness Team, and LTHD’s, will increase their knowledge about adolescent health, health equity and health disparities throughout the state of Wisconsin and develop an understanding of policy, systems, and environmental change work and how it can be used to create community level, sustainable change. The Youth Wellness Team will have the chance to put this knowledge into action by creating a project plan that uses policy, systems and environment change to address the state health equity issue of their choosing.

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